Transparent pricing

We at Lakes Foot & Ankle Associates are seeing, on a daily basis, the effects of “Obamacare” and the awful “coverage” patients are being saddled with. They have either ridiculously high deductibles or simply aren’t covered for services.

We have been working hard to set up a system where patients can receive the surgical care they need (at a higher level of quality) and pay cash for all-inclusive, transparent prices that will be FAR below the costs of insane deductibles or bloated hospital prices.
As the ill-fated Obamacare experiment collapses under the weight of over promising ‘free’ healthcare, two things will occur:

  1. The further ratcheting up of prices
  2. Rationing of health services.

The pricing of surgical services is at the top of the list of problems in our dysfunctional healthcare system. Bureaucracy at the insurance and hospital levels, cost shifting, and the absence of free market principles are among the culprits for what has caused surgical care in the United States to be cost prohibitive. As more and more patients find themselves paying more and more out of pocket, a different approach is necessary involving transparent and direct pricing.

Transparent, direct, package pricing means the patient knows exactly what the cost of the service will be upfront. Fees for the surgeon, anesthesiologist and facility are all included in one price without hidden costs, charges or surprises. Our facility can offer significantly low prices because we control every aspect from real estate costs, to the most efficient use of staff, to the elimination of wasteful operating room practices that non-profit hospitals have no incentive to curb.

We will soon be listing our SurgiCare pricing for many of the foot & ankle surgeries we perform. Many will likely ask, “why are your prices so cheap?” Our answer will be, “why are ‘they’ so expensive?”

Once again, Lakes Foot & Ankle Associates/Lakes SurgiCare Center will lead the way…