Avoid the ER or Urgent Care!!!

As we head into the busy summer season…

A friendly reminder to our patients and friends regarding foot and ankle trauma. 99% of the time when you sustain an injury to your foot or ankle, a trip to the ER or urgent care is completely unnecessary, very expensive, and very time consuming. Additionally, you will likely be under treated, misdiagnosed, and then be told to “go see a specialist”.  Going to the ER or urgent care is great is you have a car accident, a gunshot wound, or other serious medical issue.

Otherwise, regarding the foot & ankle, unless the bone is sticking out of your skin or you are bleeding so profusely it can’t be stopped, DO NOT waste your time. Call our office (even at night as we have an emergency contact number) and we will provide guidance and then get you in that day or the next day for proper, efficient and much less expensive care. In this day and age where healthcare costs are ridiculous and deductibles are typically very high, we are your resource for cost savings and proper care. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try and avoid the “knee jerk” reaction of going to the ER/urgent care for foot & ankle trauma and save yourself the headache of less than optimal care.