Laser treatment for Fungal Nails!

Summer is almost over (booooooo!), but that means NOW is the time to finally consider treatment for those unsightly fungal toenails you’ve been hiding all summer!

It’s estimated toenail fungus affects 2-to-18% of the worldwide population, or about 35 million people. It can be embarrassing and unsightly, but it is very treatable.

Our Genesisplus Laser treatment for toenail fungus is growing in popularity. More of our patients are seeking this treatment because it prevents them from having to take medications that can be toxic to the liver. Additionally, they are learning that expensive prescription topical medications rarely work effectively.

The laser works via the principles of light and heat. The wave lengths of light penetrate to the nail bed to combust the fungal spores, delivering heat into the nail bed. Patients feel a slight warming sensation during the treatment process.

The laser treatment is not covered by insurance however we offer VERY attractive pricing packages for our comprehensive treatment programs. The treatment program is a 1 year long commitment to YOUR health.

NOW is the time to come in for an evaluation by our Doctors and learn what laser treatment can do for you.