The Truth About Heel Pain

foot-care-examDo you have nagging or persistent heel pain? Is it interfering with your daily life? If so, it may be time to see a podiatrist at Lakes Foot & Ankle Associates in Commerce Township, MI. Many people think heel pain is normal or unavoidable and that they simply have to suffer through it until it gets better on its own. This simply is not true. Here are three truths about heel pain you need to know.

1. Heel Pain Does Not Have to be Normal

Heel pain may be common, but that does not mean it is normal. If your heel is hurting, that means something is wrong. Visiting a podiatrist at Lakes Foot & Ankle Associates in Commerce Township, MI is not only a great way to find out what the problem might be, but it is also the first step toward a solution as well. Whether your pain is mild or severe, new or chronic, come on in and let us help you feel better.

2. The Solution May Not Be What You Think

Have you already seen a different Commerce Township, MI podiatrist for a diagnosis or tried a few at-home remedies but you’re still in pain? A diagnosis does not mean you are cured. If you are still in pain, it’s time to find a solution that works. The podiatrists at Lakes Foot & Ankle Associates are caring and knowledgeable professionals who will work with you until the right solution is found.

3. Relief is Possible

It’s easy to get discouraged after visiting multiple doctors or trying remedies that haven’t worked, but don’t give up. The truth is that relief is possible–even if the pain is severe or you’ve been in pain for years. Don’t settle for a life where you can’t participate in all of your favorite activities or where pain tires you out on a regular basis. Call Lakes Foot & Ankle Associates in Commerce Township, MI and set up an appointment with a podiatrist today.