Don’t catch “the ick” at your next pedicure!

The next time you go to a “store front” nail salon keep in mind that your chances of catching a fungal, bacterial, or viral infection (“the ick”) are very high! It has been show time and time again that these facilities do not properly clean their instruments and soaking tubs. Additionally they often re-use nail files and brushes that have been used on other clients. That is why Dr. Shanahan and Dr. Popofski created Sole Serenity Spa.

The mission of Sole Serenity Spa is to provide each spa guest with the most luxurious, relaxing spa services they desire with the focused attention to cleanliness and safety they deserve. We strive to be the gold standard to which all other spas and salons will be compared.

Our employees are trained by physicians to ensure that the services we deliver will be the very best and will meet the diverse needs and desires of our guests. Our spa guests will have the ultimate spa experience possible because they will be able to fully relax mind, body and soul knowing they are receiving the safest and highest quality spa services in the most serene and beautiful environment possible.

Our multi-step surgical sterilization process will ensure the utmost in cleanliness and safety of all instruments used in our spa. Our luxurious, massaging pedicure chairs featuring the newest pipeless technology with disposable liners to ensure a sanitized treatment every time. We employ single-use containers for all products we use during our services to prevent contamination. Our linens are cleaned professionally and changed between all services.

Don’t catch “the ick”! Get pampered at Sole Serenity Spa and have peace of mind…