This Could Happen to You: Why You Should Choose Your Spa Carefully

Jun 16, 2019

Warning: This post contains graphic images.

A nice, relaxing spa day is one of life’s simple pleasures. You walk in, sit in a comfy chair, relax, and let a trained specialist pamper you so that your feet come out feeling refreshed and looking great.

At least that’s the way it’s supposed to work.

But we have some scary news for you.

Any time you go to a spa offering anything less than surgical-grade cleanliness and the highest applicable standards of training and experience, you are putting your feet—or maybe even your life—at risk.

Think we’re overreacting?

Think again. We’d like you to meet “Kevin” (name changed), a patient of ours who reached out to us a couple of months ago about an experience his father (“Dad”) had after getting a pedicure from an “ordinary” spa.

Kevin’s Dad and the Dangers of Unclean Spas

By the time Kevin reached out to us, his father was about five weeks removed from a pedicure he’d received at a Metro Detroit spa.

During that appointment, Dad asked the nail technician to remove a small corn positioned between his 4th and 5th toes. The nail tech obliged, and Dad went home happy. And for a while, everything seemed totally fine.

But now, fast forward three weeks.

Dad is now starting to experience severe pain in the area between the toes, and makes an appointment with his primary care physician. There he gets some bad news—the foot had become infected where the corn had been removed.

The PCP only prescribed Keflex, an oral antibiotic commonly used to treat bacterial infections. Dad took the pills for one week, but unfortunately saw limited results.

By now, Dad’s symptoms included not only severe pain, but also oozing, limping, and bright red skin surrounding the infection site.

After returning to the doctor, Kevin’s dad was prescribed a different antibiotic to be used for two more weeks, and told to soak his feet in Epsom salts (big mistake!).

This is what Dad’s foot looked like five weeks after his pedicure: 

Kevin contacted us because he was worried his dad might need an IV antibiotic to avoid developing sepsis (a potentially fatal condition caused by an out-of-balance biological response to an infection) and also treatment to the area to drain the infection. Considering his dad’s age and previous medical history, this was a reasonable concern.

Although his father’s experience is certainly not typical for most spa patrons, it’s a lot more common than you might think.

We know, because as podiatrists we’re frequently called upon to fix these kinds of pedicure mistakes. We’ve lost count of the number of fungal, bacterial, and viral infections we’ve treated over the years that began with an ill-fated trip to the salon.

Even if your experience at an unclean spa doesn’t lead to a life-threatening infection (as it did for Kevin’s dad), it still comes with a high risk of irritating and difficult-to-treat cosmetic issues (such as fungal toenails or warts.)

In fact, it’s experiences like these that motivated us to open our own spa and give our community a truly safe and relaxing alternative.

Why You Should Visit Sole Serenity Spa Instead

If you want a safe, relaxing pampering with the lowest possible risk of microbial contamination, it’s time to raise your standards.

By the way, “licensed and inspected by the state” doesn’t really cut it on its own. Fungi and bacteria have a way of clinging to pools, tools, and pipes and recirculating into the system. The “bare minimum” standards of cleanliness just aren’t safe enough in our opinion.

What you really want is a medical spa with a commitment to surgical-grade sterilization practices, which is what you’ll find at Sole Serenity Spa. We take the fear away and provide a clean, safe environment for all your pampering needs.

The advantages of choosing us include:

  • Sterility protocols that include the use of a surgical autoclave to sterilize all reusable tools and equipment after each guest.
  • All tools that can not be sterilized in the autoclave are single-use disposable and never re-used.
  • Commitment to using the safest nail polishes and skincare products available.
  • The best trained team of licensed aestheticians, cosmetologists, and nail technicians you can find anywhere.
  • Owned by a physician who can provide direct oversight and consultations where appropriate.

And in case you were worried, you don’t have to make any sacrifices in quality or variety of services in exchange for this excellent level of cleanliness. Sole Serenity Spa offers a full range of spa services, including manis and pedis, laser skin rejuvenation, massage therapy, 3D eyebrow microblading, KeryFlex nail restoration, and more!

 So, to recap:

If you’re craving a relaxing day at the spa but don’t want to wind up like Kevin’s dad, don’t leave anything to chance. You really don’t want this happening to you!

Instead, get the warm, inviting, and rejuvenating pampering you desire in the safe, sterile environment you deserve.

To schedule an appointment with the podiatric team at Lakes Foot and Ankle Associates, give us a call today at (248) 360-3888. To book a relaxing pedicure, massage, or other spa service from Sole Serenity Spa, call (248) 779-8777. Both offices are in the same building on Commerce Road for your convenience!


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