I’m in Pain But Don’t Have Insurance – What Can I Do?

Your Commerce Township podiatrist helps you afford the treatment you need. Having chronic pain can be worrisome, especially when you don’t have insurance and feel like you can’t see a doctor. When that pain begins affecting your life and your foot pain keeps you from walking easily, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of what […]

The Danger of Hammertoes

When you think about hammertoes you may think them odd or unattractive, but did you know that there are more serious issues that can occur to your foot health if you don’t seek treatment from your Commerce Township, MI podiatrist Dr. Shanahan, Dr. Popofski and Dr. Jennifer Petronella. What are hammertoes? When a muscular or […]

Got warts? Get laser!!

If so, we have the solution. Let us help you get rid of this tenacious problem. Don’t waste your time with topical acids, painful injections, or inefficient freezing methods. Lakes Foot & Ankle Associates uses pulse dye laser treatment which is the most effective means to destroy these lesions and eradicate the virus that causes […]