Podiatry Services

Podiatrist in Commerce Township, MI

The scope of our practice includes all aspects of foot and ankle care.


At our office you will receive the most up-to-date treatments for your foot or ankle condition.

Whether you have a simple problem (i.e. a wart) or a more complex problem (i.e. ankle fracture), our doctors will make every effort to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Podiatry ServicesSeveral areas of particular interest for Dr. Shanahan, Dr. Popofski and Dr. Petronella are Diabetic Limb Salvage and Sports Medicine. Diabetic feet are very prone to severe problems that can lead to infections and amputations. If not properly managed, these problems can even lead to loss of limb. All three doctors have been trained in aggressive wound management and highly specialized methods to heal troublesome wounds. This includes the technique of Total Contact Casting which is the gold standard for healing open wounds.

Being active athletes themselves, our doctors also enjoy the area of Sports Medicine related to the foot and ankle. As our population remains healthy and active, foot and ankle problems are on the rise and have therefore become an important aspect in the scope of Podiatric Medicine. Our doctors’ goal for the athlete is to have them return to activity as quickly as possible with minimal modification of their routine.

Fortunately, most foot and ankle problems can be treated without surgery!

When treating your condition, Dr. ShanahanDr. Popofski, and Dr. Petronella will present the conservative and surgical options that are available and YOU will often help decide your treatment course.

lakes-treatment-roomDepending on the type of problem you are having, conservative treatment measures can range from padding, taping, shoe changes, injections, oral medications, topical medications, orthotics, cast immobilization, physical therapy, etc., etc.!

If you and the doctor decide that surgery is necessary as part of your treatment, rest assured that the methods utilized will be current and performed in such a manner to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible. Most surgical procedures performed allow you to walk immediately after the surgery is performed.

The majority of foot surgeries are performed at the hospital or at our on-site Lakes SurgiCare Center on an out-patient basis. Rarely does foot surgery require an overnight stay.