Chena B. South Lyon, MI

“I had the pleasure – yes, pleasure – of having bunion surgery at the Lakes Foot and Ankle office.  From my first visit, I knew I made the right choice(s) … the right choice in choosing Dr. Shanahan and staff and the right choice of having the surgery. All of my questions were answered that […]

Carl G.

“Dear Dr. Dan: I want to express my gratitude to you and your staff at Lakes Foot and Ankle Associates for the outstanding treatment received both before and after my surgery. Being somewhat apprehensive about having my feet operated on. I had consulted with another doctor about it. but decided to go with a “known […]

Becky F.

“Whether or not to have foot surgery can be a difficult choice. How hard? How long? How successful? I chose to have this surgery and after less than two months, I am walking and exercising pain free. Dr. Shanahan and his staff did a remarkable job of preparing me for this procedure as well as […]

C. Cohen, Commerce Township, MI

“Dr. Shanahan and staff, thank you for a “painless” experience in my recent foot surgery in your office. I was extremely happy to have had the surgery performed in your office in a sunny, bright room. The entire staff made me feel relaxed and Dr. Shanahan, whom I have known for 15 years, made me […]


“Dear Dr. Popofski and Dr. Dan, Thank you so much for fixing my feet.  I’m so glad that I finally found doctors that could really help me.Thanks to you I’m back in activities!  I’m even breaking an inch and a half board with my foot!  And I couldn’t have done it withour your guy’s. From […]

Eleanor S.

“Dear Dr. Shanahan, Thank You so so much for helping me with my foot problem.  I can do so much more! I was a little scared about having surgery, but now I’m so happy.  I’m happy because you did it and it’s all better.  You are a very great doctor.  Thanks again so much!”

Monica C.

“My experience with surgery at Lakes Foot and Ankle / SurgiCare Center… First of all the staff was amazing, caring, dedicated and friendly. Dr. Dan was informative, gentle, innovative and professional. The surgical room was state of the art. The total procedure for me was relaxing and I believe it was because the surgery wasn’t […]

J.M., White Lake

“I want to let you know how pleased I was with your staff and services in my recent surgery. It has been great to find that there was another way of cutting costs.”

Sherry J.

“I’m dropping a line about the foot surgery I had on November 5, 2008. I’ll keep it short and sweet, just like the surgery. Short stay right in the O.R. at Dr. Shanahan’s office and sweet in that everyone was wonderful and professional. They all worked together, took care of all the details that needed […]

J.C., Walled Lake

“I recently had joint replacement surgery, and I could not be happier with the results. The doctors and staff were wonderful and met my every need. Having the surgery done in the office really made it a lot easier on me. I was very impressed with the professional care I received.”