Carl G.

“Dear Dr. Dan:

I want to express my gratitude to you and your staff at Lakes Foot and Ankle Associates for the outstanding treatment received both before and after my surgery. Being somewhat apprehensive about having my feet operated on. I had consulted with another doctor about it. but decided to go with a “known tactor” since you had performed a similar procedure on both my wife and motherin-law. They had nothing but great comments about the experience. all of which were reinforced with the treatment you gave me.

Starting with my first consultation. when you put me at ease, taking the time to explain what could be done, how it would be done and what I could expect as far as results. The folder that I was given outlining your background. the surgical process and both pre-op and post-op instructions was very informative and professionally done.

The day of my surgery went very smoothly, with the operating area not at all what I was expecting. Thought I’d be on a typical operating table, but it turned out to be such a comfortable chair, almost like a recliner, that it felt as if I vas going to watch TV instead of having surgery.

Among the most impressive aspects of the whole process was your pain management protocol. You had indicated beforehand what a believer you are in keeping any discomfort to a minimum and it certainly worked in my case.

From the surgical method used, to the pain medication prescribed and tlnally your mantra of: “ice, elevate, medicate!” was perfect. In the days following the surgery, honestly. many times I wondered if it even occurred because any pain or discomfort was so minimal compared to what r imagined it would be.

Thank you for such great care!”