Mary E., Clarkston, MI

“I had the honor of being operated on in Dr. Shanahan’s surgical suite on October 7, 2009. Instead of showing up hours earlier than my scheduled surgery, I was prepped and set up within minutes of my scheduled surgery.  It was all quite professional! I had the most personal attention from the physician, the CRNA, and the staff that I had ever received in a Doctor’s office, let alone a hospital out-patient unit. Leave it to the young Doctor’s to find a better and much more economical way for us to enjoy surgery, rather than fear it. I was far less anxious compared to going to the hospital and the environment was certainly less chaotic.  Hopefully this is a process other surgeons will follow in the future to help with hospital overload, sky high pricing of surgery and the impersonal care that most people seem to get in an out-patient situation.”