Michelle L., Commerce Township, MI

“When I found out I had to have surgery on my foot, I imagined having to go to the hospital because I needed anesthetic. I was surprised when Dr. Shanahan and Dr. Popofski said the surgery would be right in the office with the help of a nurse anesthetist. I arrived only minutes before the surgery, which would not ever happen at a hospital. Once in the exam room, both doctors explained the procedure. The nurse anesthetist explained her part and the nurses added in additional details regarding what to expect Everyone in the office was very thorough and professional. The atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable. During my surgery, Dr. Popofski and the nurses kept my mother up-dated on the progress and outcome. Everything went smoothly and the convenience of having surgery in the office made surgery so much easier. My needs were definitely met and the process seemed so simple. For this reason, I highly recommend Lakes Foot and Ankle Associates. Thank you.”