Office-Based Surgery

One of our goals as podiatrists is to ensure our patients receive individual treatment for their unique concerns. Often, this means we do our best to treat patients through conservative care versus immediately recommending surgical intervention.

With some cases, however, foot or ankle surgery is the best course of action to resolve your issue and get you back on your feet as soon as possible!

If the time comes for you to undergo a surgical procedure, you needn’t look any further! Our office is the only podiatry practice in southeast Michigan that has a surgery center that fully complies with Joint Commission rules and standards.

Really, that’s just another way for us to assure you of our constant promise to you: that we are devoted to your safety, comfort, and the quality of your care.

The ability to perform surgical methods right in our own building offers many benefits, including:

Onsite SurgiCare Center (Previously accredited by The Joint Commission)

Our Commerce Township office is equipped with an operating room for on-site, local anesthesia only, surgical services. This isn’t simply an “exam room used for surgery”—this is a real, hospital-grade OR that was accredited by the Joint Commission for 8 years!  (The only reason it is no longer accredited is due to poor insurance reform policies.  However, we still provide the same disciplined sterility protocols as if it was currently accredited.)

This affords many benefits to our patients:

It’s Safer!

Being in a private office means you won’t be exposed to the plethora of germs that accompany a hospital facility. Our patients are typically visiting for non-contagious issues, which means you won’t be walking down hallways full of patients who have cold- or flu-like symptoms.

In addition, you’re with a medical team that you know, you’ve spent time with, and who understands the full breadth of your foot or ankle condition. And our team of experts has advanced training in minimally-invasive surgical techniques that reduce the risk of infection and shorten your recovery time.

Saves Time

On average, procedures in a private practice office tend to start on time more often than those waiting in line to jump through the many hoops of hospital bureaucracy.

Not to mention the fact that scheduling your surgery often happens more quickly than in a large facility because our surgical suite is solely for the use of our patients! No need to enter the maddening fray of multiple doctors trying to vie for space in an increasingly busy surgical rotation.

Lower Cost

The expenses related to the space, materials, and even personnel included in having surgery are usually much lower in a private practice versus a hospital. In addition, many hospital procedures require an overnight stay, while in-office surgeries can often have you back at home the same day!

Our team has already processed your insurance, so no need to fill out additional forms or endless paperwork at a new provider. This lessens the chances that there will be a billing error as well, saving you from costly bills that arrive in your mailbox due to administrative inaccuracy.

More Comfortable

By scheduling your surgery with your team at Lakes Foot and Ankle Associates, you’re treated to our friendly staff, familiar faces, and quality patient care. It’s something you definitely won’t get with a major hospital!

Along the lines of being more comfortable, it’s also less nerve-wracking! Many patients feel a little scared when they’re preparing for something as unfamiliar as a surgery. Our family-friendly atmosphere will have you feeling more relaxed and calmer.

So while our team is committed to bringing you the most advanced, up-to-date non-surgical treatment options to resolve your foot and ankle pain, know this: that if you are in need of surgery to correct a lingering issue, you know who to call!

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