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We Strive to Be the Best Podiatrists in Commerce Township, MI

You and your loved ones deserve the best care. We are proud to provide it for you. When you’re dealing with pain and swelling, overuse injuries, or limited range of motion in your feet and ankles, it affects everything. At Lakes Foot & Ankle Associates, we’re passionate about helping people get back in the game, back out in nature, and back on their feet enjoying the things they love.

Lakes Foot and Ankle Associates offers a complete spectrum of foot care, and we know exactly how important it is to find answers to your foot and ankle problems. Our providers have undergone years of podiatric medical school education to become the best foot and ankle doctors in Commerce Township, MI. It is our mission to provide complete, cost-effective, efficient healthcare in a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere.

From basic care like ingrown toenails warts to more complex issues such as diabetic foot care or sports injuries, our podiatrists are dedicated to keeping your feet happy so that you can enjoy everything life has to offer. We’re here to guide you every step of the way. Give our team a call today so you can have happy feet for the life you deserve.

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Our Top Foot & Ankle Care Services

Sports Injuries

Our podiatrists treat many types of sports injuries, including bone fractures, ankle sprains, muscle strains, and many more. Explore our advanced methods and get back in the game fast!

Heel Pain

From inflamed Achilles tendons to spurs on your heel bones, heel pain can have many causes. Let our team find the root cause and help you win some well-deserved relief.

Nerve Pathologies

Damaged nerves are more than just an aggravation. From tarsal tunnel syndrome to peripheral neuropathy, our podiatrists have a range of treatments to restore feeling and motion.

Advanced Custom Orthotics

The way your feet are structured shapes how you move through the world. Perform with less pain on your next hike, run, or trip to the store with 3D-printed orthotics.

MLS Laser Therapy

For tackling stubborn soft tissue pain or optimizing recovery after broken bones, this revolutionary therapy can’t be matched. Get off the injured list faster when you harness the power of light.

Skin & Nail Care

When you’re dealing with fungal nails, ingrown toenails, or plantar warts, it seems like nothing will make the problem go away. Restore healthy feet for good with our clinical solutions.

Meet Our Podiatrists

Meet Dr. Shanahan

Dr. Dan Shanahan is dedicated to delivering top-tier foot and ankle care to his patients, fostering a comfortable and highly efficient office environment. His commitment to upholding the highest standards of training, education, and technology in his practice is evident. As a fellow of the American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons and a board-certified doctor of podiatric medicine with the American Board of Podiatric Surgery since 1997, Dr. Shanahan consistently strives for excellence in service to his patients.

Meet Our Podiatrists

Meet Dr. Petronella

Dedicated to ongoing professional growth and upholding the utmost standards of care, Dr. Petronella combines her passion for podiatric medicine with a commitment to learning. Hailing originally from Utica, NY, Dr. Jennifer Petronella developed a deep appreciation for Michigan during her academic journey at Eastern Michigan University. Beyond her practice, she finds joy in outdoor activities with her twin boys, savoring the diverse experiences that each of Michigan’s four seasons has to offer.

Get Your Free Guide to Overcoming Heel Pain

Heel pain is one of the most common foot-related issues athletes, active people, and everyday Michigan residents face. But that doesn’t mean heel pain has to stop you in your tracks. We’ve seen and treated a broad range of conditions that cause heel pain. With that knowledge, our own Dr. Daniel Shanahan has created this free guide to help people in our community understand and fight back against debilitating and recurring pain.

In this guide, you’ll learn the top 7 causes of heel pain, the latest available treatments, and how our podiatrists can provide lasting heel pain relief. The more you know about the causes and treatments of this common ailment, the better prepared you will be to make the best possible decisions about your health!

What Commerce Township is Saying
About Our Podiatrists

I am so grateful I acted on numerous recommendations to seek help from Dr. Shanahan regarding long term joint pain in my foot. He helped me fully understand my issue, offered a very encouraging treatment plan & implemented it in a timely manner. I’m very happy with the outcome. He and his staff are uniquely personable, professional and efficient. 5 stars isn’t enough to express the friendliness you experience in this office. I highly recommend them.

Rating: 5

Dr. Shannahan and Petronella are amazing!! Along with all the office staff. I have had very painful feet, for way too long… Little did I know I needed my joint replaced. Had right foot done by Dr. Shannahan and I can’t even recognize my foot anymore. It’s perfect can’t wait to get the other one done.. don’t wait and deal with the pain. Life is too short!!! My dogs will be happy for long walks again.

Rating: 5

Everyone at Lakes Foot and Ankle are so friendly and informative. Their office has all the latest technology it’s ready cool to see how they use it. Doctor Jen is really great at what she does. I highly recommend if you are having any problems at all with your feet or toe nails go see them. Also their billing department was very understanding during these hard economic times and they are working with me on a payment plan. Not a lot of doctor offices will do that but they are.

Rating: 5

Take New Steps with Podiatric Medicine

Lakes Foot and Ankle Associates is confident in our ability to provide you with first-class treatment and care.

We provide care and guidance that allow our patients to enjoy all the incredible activities life here in Commerce Township has to offer. Not only can our team of podiatric specialists diagnose and treat any of your lower limb problems, but we also strive to educate patients about their healthcare to prevent issues before they even arise. That way, you stay active as long as possible.

When pain and dysfunction keep you from enjoying your favorite activities, you’ll always receive the help you need here at our Commerce Township podiatry office. Join thousands of satisfied patients when you schedule your appointment today!

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