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Conditions We Treat
Total Care from Heel to Toe

Get Relief from Foot and Ankle Pain in Commerce Twp, MI

No pain is good pain. But if you’re an athlete, an active person, or always on your feet, you’re likely to deal with foot, heel, or ankle pain at some point. Whether it’s caused by an injury or an ongoing issue with your body’s unique biomechanics, this pain can seriously disrupt your way of life.

The good news is you don’t have to keep suffering from uncomfortable or painful conditions. Instead, get expert advice and comprehensive care from the podiatrists at Lakes Foot & Ankle Associates!

Common Foot & Ankle Conditions We Treat

Our practice provides comprehensive care through both advanced and “tried and true” treatment options. Our ultimate goal is both to relieve symptoms and fix the root cause of the problem.

Sports Injuries

As active athletes themselves, our doctors know how important it is to get back to your favorite activities as quickly as possible. We have advanced techniques to treat ankle sprains, shin splints, turf toe, and much more.

Heel Pain

Our feet handle a lot of pressure every day. That’s why heel pain affects people from all walks of life. From plantar fasciitis to heel spurs and beyond, we can help you get rid of heel pain for good.

Tendon Pathology & Injury

Your feet and ankles contain multiple tendons: bands of tissue that connect muscles to bones. Let us help you recover from Achilles tendinitis, tendon tears and ruptures, and other tendon problems.

Nerve Pathology

Nerve problems in the feet can cause a range of symptoms, from painful tingling to numbness to feeling like you’re walking on a rock. Our team is well-versed in handling nerve pathologies, including neuritis and neuroma, tarsal tunnel syndrome, and peripheral neuropathy.

Skin & Nail Conditions

Issues like ingrown toenails, fungal nails, and athlete’s foot may feel embarrassing. But you deserve to have healthy, pain-free feet! Let our team treat these stubborn conditions with clinically proven methods.

Toe Deformities

When your toes function normally and pain-free, it’s easy to take them for granted. But bunions, hammertoes, claw toes, mallet toes, and other toe deformities can quickly lead to pain and complications. Get back to life as usual with a comprehensive treatment plan!

Diabetic Foot Care

If you have diabetes, your feet are at risk of serious problems. Annual podiatric care should be a regular part of your routine! Let our podiatrists keep your feet healthy and be a meaningful part of your care team.

When to See a Podiatrist

To help you better understand when it’s time to seek treatment from a podiatrist, you may want to contact our office if you are experiencing any of the following issues:

  • Pain in the feet, toes, or ankles (persistent, chronic, increasing, or sudden)
  • Any change in the feet, toes, or ankles, such as swelling or discoloration (especially bluish, reddish, or purplish color)
  • Signs of infection, including swelling, redness, tenderness, heat, red streaks, or pus
  • Any infection that spreads to another area of the feet or toes
  • Any change in the toenails or skin on the feet, including thickening nails, blisters, or severe cracking, scaling, or peeling
  • Symptoms that do not go away or improve within two weeks of using an over-the-counter treatment on your own

Get Support for the Life You Deserve

No matter what condition or injury is bothering your feet, you can trust our podiatrists to find a solution you can feel confident about. If you don’t see your concern listed above, we’d still love to hear from you. We regularly help patients with foot and ankle problems that fall outside the scope of these major categories. We are happy to answer any questions you may have or assist you in scheduling your appointment at our Commerce Township office.

Give us a call at (248) 360-3888 or send a message online to get in touch with our team! Let’s get you back to enjoying the activities you love pain-free.

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