Hopefully you’re already aware of this—since you are on a podiatry website—but a podiatrist is a doctor of podiatric medicine (DPM) who specializes in diagnosing and treating foot, toe, and ankle problems.

This means our doctors here at Lakes Foot & Ankle Associates provide treatment services for a wide array of conditions and issues in the lower limbs, such as:

Heel Pain

Your feet endure tremendous amounts of physical force during the course of an average day. In addition to that, there is an important, supportive connective tissue (the plantar fascia) that anchors to your heel bone (calcaneus). Together, these facts demonstrate why heel pain is such a common problem—one that can affect people from across virtually all demographics and lifestyles. Plantar fasciitis is an especially prevalent condition we treat for many patients.

Sports Injuries

As active athletes themselves, our doctors enjoy the area of sports medicine (related to the foot and ankle). As our population remains healthy and active—which is an outstanding trend!—foot and ankle problems are on the rise and have therefore become an important aspect in the scope of podiatric medicine. Our doctors’ goal is to have you return to your favorite activities as quickly as possible, and with minimal modification of your normal routine.

Toe Deformities

When your toes function normally and pain free, it’s easy to take them for granted. Conditions like bunions, hammertoes, and other such toe deformities can potentially cause pain and contribute to other possible symptoms (calluses, corns, blisters, etc.).

Skin and Nail Issues

Whereas many lower limb problems are internal in nature, these external organs—if you were unaware, your skin is actually your body’s largest organ—and structures can have issues as well. In this case, we are talking about things like ingrown toenails, fungal nail disease, skin allergies, and athlete’s foot. It’s important to have these kinds of conditions treated because they rarely go away on their own.

...And More!

There are also podiatric services and treatments we provide for foot and ankle problems that are outside the scope of those respective categories.

For example, one area of particular interest for Dr. Shanahan and Dr. Petronella is diabetic limb salvage. Diabetic feet are highly prone to severe problems, such as Charcot foot and ulceration. If not managed properly, these problems can even lead to loss of limb.

Our doctors have been trained in aggressive wound management and highly specialized methods to treat troublesome wounds. (This includes the technique of Total Contact Casting—the gold standard for healing open wounds.)

Basically, our practice provides comprehensive care through both advanced and “tried and true” treatment options—both conservative and surgical—with the ultimate goal of fixing the problem and relieving symptoms.

To help you better understand when it’s time to seek treatment from a podiatrist, you may want to contact our office if you are experiencing any of the following issues:

  • Persistent, chronic, increasing, or sudden pain in the feet, toes, or ankles
  • Any change in the feet, toes, or ankles, such as swelling or the taking on of a bluish, reddish, or purplish color
  • Signs of infection, including swelling, redness, tenderness, heat, red streaks, or discharge of pus
  • Any infection that spreads to another area of the feet or toes
  • Any change in the toenails or skin on the feet, including thickening nails, blisters, or severe cracking, scaling, or peeling
  • Symptoms that do not go away or improve within two weeks of using an over-the-counter treatment on your own

And if any of those apply, you can reach us by calling (248) 360-3888. While on the line, we will be happy to answer any questions you might have or assist you in scheduling your appointment at our Commerce Township office.


It's Time To Leave Foot & Ankle Pain Behind!

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