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Advanced Custom Orthotics
Biomechanic Screening for a Supported You

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Your feet are your body’s foundation, and the way they are structured plays a major role in keeping them healthy. How your bones, joints, and muscles are shaped and move together makes up your unique biomechanics. As it turns out, many people have foot structures or gait mechanics that make it much more likely for them to develop foot and leg injuries, as well as chronic pain.

At Lakes Foot & Ankle Associates, we use a leading-edge 3D orthotic scanner to help our patients better understand their biomechanics. This system not only gives us precise measurements of your feet but also gives us crucial information about how weight and pressure are distributed across the soles of your feet while standing and walking. Schedule your biomechanics screening to learn how you can optimize foot health today!

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Why Biomechanics Matter

Misaligned or malfunctioning feet and ankles can increase the stress on muscles and joints throughout the entire body, making them work harder to compensate for a shaky foundation. Paying attention to your biomechanics can help you make decisions that prevent pain and injuries from happening, whether you’re working, playing, or simply moving through the world.

A biomechanics screening can tell your podiatrist whether parts of your foot need more stability, control, or support, as well as alert them to any conditions you may be susceptible to. From there, we can provide you with customized guidance on how to make your biomechanics work for you instead of against you.

Whether we recommend custom orthotics or other good habits and practices will depend on what we find during your scan. We’ll go over your comprehensive and easy-to-read test results together before discussing your options for optimizing your foot and ankle health!

Foot & Ankle Problems Custom Orthotics Can Address

  • Sports injuries
  • Heel pain & plantar fasciitis
  • Tendon pathology & injury
  • Nerve pathologies
  • Toe deformities
  • Diabetic foot care

How Custom Orthotics Are Made

We understand that most of our patients expect podiatrists to prescribe orthotics whether they need them or not. We strive to be different, using our advanced biometric screenings to make sure we’re only recommending orthotics to those who truly would benefit from them.

Instead of having you stand in a foam box or plaster cast, we use our high-tech fitting and fabrication system to 3D print a set of top-quality orthotics. We load the most precise measurements into our sophisticated 3D printing system, which makes your orthotics using an innovative biomechanical lattice design. Put simply, our orthotics offer a combination of lightweight construction, flexible support, and durability that’s almost impossible to achieve with other methods.

Custom Foot Orthotic FAQs

If your foot pain is in any way related to faulty foot structure or biomechanics, there’s a great chance that custom orthotics will be valuable to you. Modern orthotics use precise measurements tailored to your feet, lightweight yet durable materials optimized for every activity, and environmentally friendly processes. That means you get an orthotic you will truly want to wear.

Yes, custom orthotics are often recommended to relieve plantar fasciitis and other causes of heel pain. Research shows that custom-fitted orthotics offer pain relief and improved function to those with plantar fasciitis, making them a low-risk, high-reward treatment for many!

Some private insurance companies cover custom-fitted orthotics and may offer full or partial reimbursements with a podiatrist’s prescription. Medicare may cover up to 80% of the cost. You can also use a Health Savings Account or Flexible Savings Account. Our team here at Lakes Foot & Ankle is happy to help you determine your coverage.

Because custom orthotics are made specifically for your exact foot shape and unique biomechanics, based on professional evaluation, they can treat specific medical diagnoses with much better results. Although off-the-rack prefabricated orthotics may help some people with mild-to-moderate foot aches, they cannot compare to custom-fitted orthotics—especially in cases with more pronounced pain.

Custom orthotics are also made of higher-quality materials and can be more easily adjusted (rather than outright replaced), so they tend to last longer than store-bought insoles.

Schedule Your Biometric Screening Today

If you think you could benefit from custom orthotics, we truly believe that we can offer the best pair you’ve ever had. Don’t let your biomechanics slow you down—get the support your unique feet truly need with help from Lakes Foot & Ankle Associates. We have the latest technologies to find the perfect fit and ideal solutions to support your active lifestyle.

Call (248) 360-3888 or request an appointment online to learn more about your biomechanics and see whether custom orthotics are right for you.

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