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Foot Care for Diabetic Patients
Your Ongoing Partner in Care

Commerce Twp’s Diabetic Foot Care Experts

If you’re one of the nearly 1 million people in Michigan with diabetes, you likely know that you’re at a higher risk of foot complications. But it’s not always clear why, or in what ways, the feet are vulnerable to infection, poor circulation, and nerve issues—or who to see when problems arise. That’s why it’s so important to establish a relationship with a trusted podiatrist if you are living with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

At Lakes Foot & Ankle Associates, we’re here to help our patients manage diabetes and foot health with ongoing support and care. From routine yearly exams to skin and nail care, and vascular health screenings to at-home tips and tricks, our podiatrists are ever-ready to help you stay active and keep enjoying life with healthy feet.

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Why Diabetic Foot Care Is Important

Diabetes affects your body’s ability to either produce or respond to insulin, an important hormone that helps sugar pass from your bloodstream into the cells of your body. Over time, having too much sugar in your blood can damage the blood vessels, leading to multiple foot problems if not managed properly. That’s where your podiatrist comes in.

Neuropathy (nerve damage), peripheral artery disease (PAD), and infection are among the most common foot problems associated with diabetes. The condition can also weaken your immune system, and because nerve damage and poor circulation can cause you to lose feeling in your feet, you may not notice cuts, sores, blisters, or other wounds. That leaves you at a higher risk of serious infection. Our podiatrists can help you win the fight against these complications.

Annual checkups and vascular health screenings are vital for monitoring and managing any risks to your feet and overall health. If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, make Lakes Foot & Ankle part of your care team today. We’re happy to work closely with your other healthcare professionals, such as endocrinologists, to ensure you receive comprehensive and coordinated care!

What Problems Affect Diabetic Patients?

The Role of Podiatrists in Diabetic Foot Care

When you have diabetes, managing your health can feel overwhelming—and finding a podiatrist may not seem high on your to-do list at first. However, regular foot exams are crucial because they help detect and prevent potentially dangerous problems early on. As specialists in caring for the feet and lower legs, our podiatrists are important members of your care team.

It’s highly recommended that patients with diabetes visit their podiatrist at least once a year. You should also schedule an appointment to see us right away if you notice fungal or ingrown toenails, any change in the color or temperature of your feet, pain or cramping, a change in the shape of your feet, or any other unusual foot, skin, & nail problems.

Diabetic Foot Care FAQs

Our podiatrists offer a range of services to help patients with diabetes maintain healthy feet and avoid complications. Some of these services include:

  • Foot Exams and Monitoring: Podiatrists perform regular foot exams to monitor for signs of diabetic foot complications.
  • Wound Care: We can provide wound care for diabetic patients with cuts, blisters, and ulcers and offer advice on how to care for wounds at home.
  • Footwear Recommendations: We can provide recommendations for appropriate diabetic footwear (such as shoes with good arch support and cushioning).
  • Skin and Nail Care: During or between routine checkups, our podiatrists can trim toenails and treat any fungal infections or ingrown toenails.
  • Orthotic Devices: Our podiatrists may prescribe orthotic devices, custom-made shoe inserts, or braces to help correct foot problems and improve walking ability.

In addition to regular foot exams, patients can take other steps to maintain healthy feet and avoid diabetic complications. Some important tips include:

  • Maintain good blood sugar control/keep high blood sugar levels under control
  • Inspect your feet daily for signs of injury or ulceration and seek prompt treatment for any issues that arise
  • Maintain a healthy, active lifestyle to encourage blood flow
    Visit your foot and ankle care specialist at least once per year for further testing and a comprehensive check-up

In addition, you may wear socks with compression features to control swelling in the feet and legs.

PAD is caused by a narrowing or blockage of the blood vessels in the legs and feet, which can lead to poor circulation and slow wound healing. Due to the suppression of the immune response in diabetics, the body is often unable to heal these wounds. If left untreated, bacterial infections can lead to gangrene, which may require amputation.

If caught early enough, symptoms of Charcot foot can be improved or even reversed. Charcot foot is characterized by weakened bones in the legs, ankles, and feet. When coupled with nerve damage and loss of feeling, this can lead to fractures that go unnoticed and unhealed, causing changes in foot shape and serious complications.

As soon as you notice any changes in your feet—such as foot pain, discoloration, redness, swelling, or a sensation of heat—visit your podiatrist!

How We Can Support Diabetic Care Management

Yearly Diabetic Foot Exams

As soon as you are diagnosed with diabetes, it’s time to start attending annual foot exams at Lakes Foot & Ankle Associates. We’ll check for common complications with circulation, nerve damage, skin and nail issues, and more!

Smart ABI Testing

Smart ABI testing is a simple, quick, and painless screening test for peripheral artery disease (PAD). Our team can track and help you manage your risk for PAD and other circulation issues using this advanced tool.

Advanced Custom Orthotics

If the structure of your foot begins to change, we have a number of conservative interventions to support you. With advanced biometric analyses and durable custom orthotic inserts, we can help you stay on your feet for years to come.

Get Help Managing All Diabetic Foot Care Needs

If you’re living with diabetes, it’s crucial to stay on top of your foot health by seeing your podiatrist on a regular basis. Early treatment makes all the difference in helping you maintain the lifestyle you deserve. At Lakes Foot & Ankle Associates, we’re here to help you set a baseline, prevent complications, and make managing your foot care hassle-free.

Call (248) 360-3888 or contact us online to make an appointment today and learn how we can help you protect your feet for a lifetime.

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