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Now in Office: The Best Orthotics

But here’s the thing:

We also hear horror stories from patients quite frequently about how their last pair of orthotics, purchased at the store or even from their previous doctor, “didn’t fit”,  “weren’t comfortable”, or “They didn’t solve my problem.”

Does that mean orthotics are all a scam? No! Absolutely not.

But it does prove something important: Making sure you get the right pair with the right fit is extremely important, and it can be a challenge—especially if the person prescribing the orthotics has to rely on outdated technology and old fashioned ideas about biomechanics.

We know if you’ve been burned in the past by orthotics you weren’t happy with, you might be a little skeptical or nervous about trying again.

But we urge you to give us a chance. Because technology is changing rapidly, and with our new Go 4-D orthotics system, we are confident that we can make you, without question, the best pair of orthotics you’ve ever had.

So What’s the Secret?

As we said, a lot of podiatrists, orthopedic doctors, and pedorthotists are still using orthotics tech and techniques that haven’t really changed much in the last 30 to 40 years. So there was a huge opportunity for us to utilize a new system and make a huge leap forward for our patients—and in our opinion, the new Go 4-D system has done exactly that for us.

It’s not really a secret, either. It just makes sense.

The system uses:

9 Laser Medical Grade 3D Foot Scanning Technology

Guess what? You don’t have to stand in a foam box or hold very still while we make a plaster cast around your foot anymore!

We’ve replaced it with sophisticated pressure plate and 3D laser scanner that can provide instant, abundant, and ultra-precise digital data. This tells us not only the precise shape and dimensions of your feet, but also how it operates in the real world.

In just a few minutes, we can see a complete digital capture of your feet with a full analysis of static and dynamic pressure points, balance, and more.

There’s no way we could get the same level of data from a simple physical impression of your foot via foam or plaster. Plus, unlike those physical molds, the digital scan isn’t susceptible to imperfections or warping after the mold has been taken.

True Medical-Grade 3D Printing Technology

Here’s the other key advantage of going digital. Once we have that precision data, it can be fed directly to a medical-grade 3D printer.

The advantage here is pretty obvious. A 3D printer can create orthotics according to exact specifications that are the ultimate in accuracy. And the Go 4-D company has partnered with HP to make sure all of its 3D-printed orthotics meet exceptionally high standards.

There’s no way that traditional manufacturing methods could be that precise—and they’re already working from a mold that isn’t as accurate as a scan, and may have changed shape slightly during transport. So you’ve got three potential sources of error with traditional orthotics manufacturing, in comparison to essentially zero with the new Go 4-D method.

Biomechanically Superior Lattice Design Construction

Apologies, as we’re about to get a little bit technical. The fact that these orthotics are made via 3D printing allows the Go 4-D company to get a little more sophisticated with the design in order to provide absolutely superior results.

Instead of being, say, a simple shell of plastic or graphite, the Go 4-D orthotics employ a lattice design that allows it to maximize stiffness and support exactly where you need them, while also offering optimal flexibility, and being as lightweight and compatible with multiple styles of shoes as possible.

In other words, they’re more comfortable, more supportive, and less bulky than any pair of orthotics you’ve ever had before. A true win-win-win.

Other Awesome Perks

Of course, if simply being the best and most effective custom orthotics you’ve ever had isn’t enough to convince you to give our new orthotics system a chance, we hope you’ll also be pleased by the following additional benefits:

  • Despite being “advanced” technology, 3D printed Go 4-D orthotics are actually a really affordable option for patients. It cuts out a lot of the “hidden” costs of traditional manufacturing, including labor, overhead, material storage, manufacturing mistakes, etc.
  • Oh, there’s also a satisfaction guarantee provided by Go 4-D, so if at any point within the first 90 days you decide you’re not completely satisfied, or these really aren’t the best custom orthotics you’ve ever had, you’re covered.
  • Go 4-D employs environmentally friendly manufacturing practices. 3D printing tech means significantly less material waste—and 3D printing powder (which is non-toxic) can be recycled and reused. The fact that we don’t have to physically ship a mold to the lab also means we can cut carbon emissions due to transportation in half.

Are You Ready to Go 4-D?

If you’re currently suffering from chronic foot pain, leg pain, or even back pain caused by a biomechanical deficiency in your feet, and we determine that custom orthotics are an appropriate treatment option, we’re confident that our new system will give you the greatest possible chance to give you the best possible results.

Even if you or someone you love has had a previous disappointing experience with custom orthotics therapy, we still believe we can help you. And with a satisfaction guarantee, what do you have to lose?

To schedule an appointment with Lakes Foot and Ankle Associates in Commerce Township, MI, please call our office today at (248) 360-3888, or request an appointment online.

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