Advanced Custom Orthotics

Just about any podiatrist will tell you how versatile and effective custom orthotics are as a treatment option for a wide variety of foot and ankle conditions. And that’s all very true.

But how many of those podiatrists have kept up with the latest biomechanics research, diagnostic tools, and fitting and manufacturing processes for custom orthotics? That number is, unfortunately, a whole lot smaller. Just because something was “cutting edge” in the 70s doesn’t necessarily mean it’s best for patients today.

At Lakes Foot and Ankle, we know how valuable the right pair of orthotics can be for someone who is in pain. That’s why we’re proud to provide truly modern orthotics based on the latest scientific understanding of biomechanics, using the incredible Go 4-D 3D scanning and 3D printing platform for our custom orthotics.

More on that in a minute. First, let’s talk about what custom orthotics are and why they are so important.

Advanced Custom Orthotics with Lakes Foot and Ankle Associates

What Are Custom Orthotics, and Why Do They Matter?

Custom orthotics are specially made insoles that you wear inside your shoes in order to accommodate pressure points, add cushioning and support, and fix biomechanical flaws of the feet and legs. They can be made from a wide variety of different materials and in different shapes in order to best suit your needs.

Fixing the Root of Your Biomechanical Problems

As it turns out, many people have foot structures or gait mechanics that make it much more likely for them to develop foot and leg injuries, as well as chronic pain. Worse, because your feet are your body’s foundation, misaligned or malfunctioning feet and ankles can increase the stress on muscles and joints throughout the entire body, since they have to work harder to compensate for a shaky foundation.

The right pair of custom orthotics, however, can be an elegant solution to this problem. They can reposition and support your feet, offload weight and pressure, and even control abnormal joint motion. 

This relieves the tension, stress, and pain throughout not just your feet, but often throughout your legs and back, too.

Custom Orthotics vs Prefabricated Orthotics

To be clear, custom orthotics are not the same as “custom picked” prefabricated orthotics you might find by standing on a scanner at the pharmacy or retail store.

Although they may help some people with mild-to-moderate foot aches, off-the-rack prefabricated orthotics cannot compare to a true custom orthotics prescribed by the doctors at Lakes Foot and Ankle Associates—especially in cases with more pronounced pain. Because custom orthotics are made specifically for your exact foot shape and unique biomechanics, the features of which are determined based on professional evaluation, they can treat specific medical diagnoses with much better results.

It’s also worth noting that custom orthotics are made of higher quality materials and can be more easily adjusted (rather than outright replaced), so they tend to last a whole lot longer than flimsy store-bought insoles.

Why Choose Our Custom Orthotics?

Advanced Orthotics for the Modern Age

At most podiatry clinics, when you are prescribed a custom orthotic, the doctor will probably make you stand in a foam box (which is a very inaccurate means of “casting”) or make a plaster cast for your foot. Those impressions will then be sent to a lab to be manufactured, before arriving a couple of weeks later. These methods haven’t really changed much in decades.  Don’t get us wrong—custom orthotics made this way are still going to do a much better job than over-the-counter insoles.

The Go 4-D system we are now using is a high-tech alternative that offers massive advantages over the “old school” methods of casting, ordering, adjusting, and fitting custom orthotics.

What Is Go 4-D?

Go 4-D is a high-tech orthotics fitting and fabrication system that harnesses modern laser scanning, data collection, and 3D printing technology to provide faster, better results for our patients.

Precise measurements of your feet are made using a sophisticated 3D scanner and gait plate, which not only gives us precise figures for the dimensions of your feet, but also (crucially) tells us exactly how weight and pressure are distributed across the soles of your feet while standing and while walking. 

Those precise measurements are then loaded into a sophisticated 3D printer, which can make your custom devices using an innovative biomechanical lattice design. We know—those probably just sound like buzzwords, but in simple terms it means that the orthotics offer a combination of lightweight construction, flexible support, and durability that’s almost impossible to achieve using traditional manufacturing methods.

 Go 4D Orthotic

Summary of Key Benefits to Go 4-D

Some of the main advantages of using this system over old-fashioned custom orthotics processes include:

  • The right fit, the first time. It’s hard to get more precise than a computer scan and, thanks to 3D printing, those specifications are replicated exactly. This eliminates the risk of imprecise molds, manufacturing errors, etc.
  • Lightweight and comfortable. Traditionally manufactured orthotics have a tendency to be heavier, bulkier, and less compatible with different shoe styles than you’d ideally like them to be. But the lattice design of Go 4-D 3D printed orthotics allows us to provide the perfect amount of support, stiffness, and flexibility with much less weight and bulk.
  • Optimized for every activity. Your orthotics will be just as comfortable in a pair of dress shoes as a pair of athletic cleats, and the lattice design once again allows for optimized function in each part of the foot, whether you’re walking, running, or playing sports.
  • Environmentally friendly. 3D scanning and gait plate technology eliminates the need for landfill-clogging plaster casts or foam boxes. 3D printing requires far less production waste compared to traditional manufacturing. Go 4-D even recycles its non-toxic, bio-compatible 3D printing powder to further minimize waste.
  • Satisfaction guarantee. The manufacturer provides a 90-day patient satisfaction guarantee, so on the slim chance you aren’t completely satisfied, you’re covered.

We truly believe that these will be the best pair of custom orthotics you’ve ever had. If your foot pain is in any way related to faulty foot structure or biomechanics, there’s a great chance that Go 4-D orthotics will be of tremendous value and assistance to you.

So don’t go another day without doing something about your pain! Give us a call today at (248) 453-2028 to schedule an appointment at our Commerce Township office, or request an appointment online.


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