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From Heel to Toe: A Complete Guide to Foot Care at Home

At the heart of every confident stride and the foundation of your overall well-being lies the often-neglected realm of foot and nail care. Foot care is important for a number of reasons, from your daily comfort and confidence to prevention and early detection of more serious issues like skin cancer. Taking good care of your skin and nails doesn’t just feel good—it’s good for you!

As dedicated foot health professionals, we understand the vital role your feet play in your daily life, and we’re here to empower you with the knowledge and insights you need to put your best foot forward. So, kick off your shoes, settle in, and allow us to guide you on a journey toward healthier, happier feet.

Your Guide to Foot Care: Common Skin & Nail Ailments

Athlete’s Foot

Medically known as tinea pedis, this fungal infection of the skin is very common, particularly between the toes and along the bottom of the feet. It’s highly contagious and can easily spread through direct or indirect contact—think used towels, shoes, or your own hands if you scratch or pick at your feet. 

The fungi that cause athlete’s foot often thrive in warm, damp environments like locker rooms and swimming pool areas, which is how it gets its name. It’s pervasive among both athletes and anyone who frequently wears tight or closed-toe shoes. You’ll know you need to see our podiatrists if you suffer from a scaly rash and symptoms like itching, redness, peeling, or blisters. 

How to Treat Athlete’s Foot

Most over-the-counter antifungal treatments aren’t strong enough to kill the infection, which is why we often recommend Fortinia® Antifungal Cream. This prescription-strength antifungal cream cures most cases of athlete’s foot while also relieving its most uncomfortable symptoms.

Tolcylen® Therapeutic Foot Soaks can also be a powerful addition to any athlete’s foot treatment plan. This concentrated formula is supercharged to cleanse, protect, moisturize, and penetrate deep into skin and nails for total skin rejuvenation. 

Contact Lakes Foot & Ankle Associates today to get yours!

Skin Cancer & Melanoma


When you think of skin cancer, your feet are probably the last place that comes to mind. But between 3 and 15% of melanomas—the most dangerous form of skin cancer—develop in the feet and ankles. If you notice any of the following symptoms, schedule an appointment with our podiatrists right away:

  • New or changing dark spot(s) on the foot that becomes larger, darker, or changes shape
  • A mole or spot that bleeds or itches
  • A sore on your foot that doesn’t heal
  • A brown or black streak under your toenail with irregular edges 
  • A bruise on the toenail that doesn’t heal or move up as the nail grows
  • Darkening skin next to the toenail
  • A toenail that separates from the nail bed 

Don’t panic—these symptoms could have other explanations. However, early detection is critical to safe and effective treatment!

How to Treat Foot Melanoma

It’s highly important to have your feet and toenails checked regularly for skin cancers, which may look different here than on other parts of the body. Our expert podiatrists know how to identify skin cancers of the foot, and can provide treatment, guidance, or, if necessary, referrals.

When detected early, foot melanomas are often treated with surgery. The cancer is removed with a procedure called wide excision, which removes both the cancerous tissue and a margin of healthy tissue around it. If the cancer is in a more advanced stage, treatments like radiation therapy or chemotherapy may be necessary. That’s why early detection is so important!

Fungal Nail Infection

Toenail fungus is one of the most pervasive—and persistent—nail conditions of the foot. It can be notoriously difficult to get rid of, which makes many people throw in the towel after repeated failed attempts. You could have a fungal infection if you have white, chalky nails, or if they are discolored, thick, crumbling, or have ragged edges.

How to Treat Toenail Fungus

At Lakes Foot & Ankle Associates, we have several options for the safe and effective treatment of fungal or diseased nails. Alongside methods like debridement, our topical and laser therapy options can produce spectacular results.

We often recommend Tolcylen, a nail renewal solution that treats fungus, softens thick nails, and improves the overall appearance and health of the nail. This solution is significantly more effective than drugstore nail fungus treatments and is less expensive than prescription topical medications. 

We’re also proud to provide Cutera GenesisPlus nail fungus laser treatment to Commerce Township! Laser therapy passes through your nail to heat and destroy fungus at its source. It’s gentle on your skin yet tough on fungus—and in the course of 3 to 4 sessions, it offers powerful results!

Dry, Cracked Feet

Having dry feet may not pose a direct risk to your health, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter—if it bothers you or makes you feel self-conscious, it is absolutely worth treating! It’s easy to underestimate how aggravating dry feet can be, as they itch, ache, or catch on bedsheets and clothes. At worst, dryness can cause painful cracks that leave you vulnerable to infections. 

How to Treat Dry Feet

Don’t worry—at Lakes Foot & Ankle Associates, we’ve thought of everything! If you’re looking for a product to soften your feet, heal cracked skin, and restore your nails, we’ve got just the solution. Ask us about any of these products for safe and effective foot care at home!

  • Revitaderm: Formulated to take on thick, cracking, and dry skin on the bottom of the feet
  • Tolcylen Therapeutic Foot Soak: Not just for athlete’s foot—this powerful formula is great for removing thick, flaky, dry skin and debris
  • Tolcylen Daily Micro-Cleaning Foot Soak: A milder version of the Therapeutic Foot Soak that can be used long-term for clean, soft, and rejuvenated skin
  • Adessa Moisturizing Gel Socks & Heel Liniment: Two products that rehydrate rough, dry feet and are especially effective for dry heels

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Treat your feet to some much-needed TLC with Lakes Foot & Ankle Associates! For the month of October only, we’re offering exclusive discounts on skin and nail products like Revitaderm, Tolcylen foot soaks, and fungal treatments. Schedule your appointment today to get tailored recommendations for your foot care routine, or simply come by our office to take 15% off your skin & nail care purchase. Your feet will thank you!

Lakes Foot & Ankle Associates: Commerce Township’s Foot Care Experts

At Lakes Foot & Ankle Associates, Drs. Shanahan and Petronella are committed to your health and wellness. Whether you think you have a fungal infection, need peace of mind about a suspicious spot, or something simply doesn’t feel right, schedule your appointment with our podiatrists today! Call (248) 360-3888 or request an appointment online.


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