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Laser Treatment for Athlete’s Foot – What You Need to Know

Fungal infections, such as Athlete’s Foot (Tinea Pedis) and Fungal Nail (Onychomycosis), impact an estimated 30 million Americans every year. While common, these infections should not be taken lightly. If left unchecked, what starts as a simple irritation can quickly become a more serious problem.   

So, what makes our feet so vulnerable? The answer lies in the environments we expose them to. Fungi thrive in moist, warm settings, and our feet are a prime breeding ground. Factors like sweat, showering, and the confined spaces of shoes and socks create the perfect conditions for infection. 

On the bright side, fungal infections on our feet are very treatable. Today, the team at Lakes Foot & Ankle will explore the world of foot fungi, address its causes, and examine some of the revolutionary treatments that are available to you at our clinic in Commerce Charter, Twp, MI.

A Long-Term Approach to Treating Fungal Infections 

At Lakes Foot & Ankle, we understand that managing fungal infections is a marathon, not a sprint. There’s no overnight cure, and a comprehensive, consistent approach is key to successful treatment. We believe in a dual strategy: attacking the fungal problem from the inside-out and from the outside-in. Now is the perfect time to start treatment, ensuring your feet are in the best shape possible when sandal season returns. Give us a call today at (248) 360-3888 to schedule your appointment. 

The Genesis Plus Laser System: A Gamechanger for Healthy Nails

Our clinic utilizes the Genesis Plus laser system, a revolutionary tool in the fight against fungal nail infections. This advanced technology uses light energy to penetrate the nail, heating and ultimately killing the fungi and infected tissue. The process, taking about 30 minutes per session, is painless, requires no anesthesia, has no side effects, and involves no downtime. Patients are often able to return to their regular activities immediately.

The standard treatment course includes 3-4 sessions on Day 1, Day 30, and Day 60, coupled with aggressive debridement (thinning) of infected nails. Follow-up visits every three months for a year ensure optimal care, with “spot” treatments as needed.

What Sets Laser Treatment Apart

Laser treatment offers several advantages over traditional methods:

      • Painless and Non-invasive: Unlike surgical options, the Genesis Plus system doesn’t require any needles or incisions. 
      • No Downtime: Patients can resume daily activities immediately after treatment.
      • Effective: It not only kills the infection but also stimulates healthy nail growth.
      • Safe: No side effects and no need for anesthesia.


The Outside-In Approach: Topical Foot Treatments

In conjunction with laser therapy, we work to control the external factors that foster fungal growth. Prescription-strength topical treatments are recommended over weaker over-the-counter options. Our “Anti-Fungal Four” includes:

  1. Clarus Shoe Spray: Targets fungus and bacteria in shoes, neutralizing odor.
  2. Fortinia: A powerful anti-fungal spray for the skin.
  3. TheraNail TF: Strengthens nails and reduces growth time.
  4. Tolcyclen: A topical solution for nails addressing discoloration and brittleness.

The Importance of Early Treatment for Foot Fungus 

Dealing with foot fungus is a prolonged journey, making early treatment not just beneficial but essential. The key to effectively managing and overcoming fungal infections lies in the proactive and timely start of treatment. This is particularly important as we approach the spring and summer months when feet are often more exposed and active.

Understanding the Timeline of Treatment

Fungal infections are notoriously stubborn; if you’ve ever had athlete’s foot, you know this all too well! The Genesis Plus laser treatment, while highly effective, is not an instant solution. The process involves several sessions spaced out over weeks, followed by a period of monitoring and possible additional treatments. It’s a gradual process, and the infected area requires time to respond to treatments before healthy nail growth becomes visible.

The Seasonal Aspect

With spring and summer bringing warmer weather, sandals and barefoot activities become more common. Naturally, this is when we all want our feet to look their best. However, if treatment is delayed until these seasons, it might not provide enough time for the full effects to manifest before your feet are on display.


Advantages of Early Treatment

  1. Progressive Healing: Starting treatment in the colder months allows for the progressive healing of your feet, ensuring they are in the best possible condition by the time warmer weather arrives.
  2. Prevention of Spread: Early intervention prevents the spread of fungi to other nails or areas of the foot, which is more likely in the warm, moist conditions of spring and summer.
  3. Boosted Confidence: Having healthy, fungus-free feet by the time you’re ready to wear open-toed shoes or go barefoot can significantly boost your confidence and comfort.
  4. Long-Term Health: Addressing foot fungus early helps maintain the overall health of your feet. This prevents complications that can arise from untreated fungal infections, such as secondary bacterial infections or more widespread skin issues.

Our Comprehensive Fungal Management Program

The team here at Lakes Foot & Ankle takes pride in our comprehensive treatment plan for fungal infections. While a 100% cure rate cannot be guaranteed, our approach has shown high success rates, offering patients relief and healthier nails. Our team is committed to providing the best possible outcomes for those suffering from these stubborn infections.

Laser treatment for foot fungus, particularly with the Genesis Plus laser system, represents a significant advancement in fungal infection management. By combining this leading-edge technology with effective topical treatments, our program offers a comprehensive, effective, and safe solution for those struggling with these common but frustrating conditions. With our dedicated care and advanced treatment options, we look forward to helping you achieve healthy, happy feet.


It’s Time To Leave Foot & Ankle Pain Behind!

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