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The Best Gift Idea: Custom Orthotics

We’ve finally made it to the end of the year! At long last, the holidays are upon us. After the year we’ve all had, we wish you and your loved ones nothing but the best of health and happiness. You deserve it!

At this time of year, two things we tend to think about are gifts and resolutions. Of course, this also causes us to think about custom orthotics!

(Stay with us here.)

See, there’s no better gift you can give yourself than the gift of good health. And if, like most people, your New Year’s resolution list is geared toward getting and staying active, healthy, and happy, then you’re going to need your feet to be up to the task!

If you need a little extra spring in your step for 2021 and beyond, custom orthotics may be just what you need. This may be true even if you’ve tried orthotics in the past and didn’t like them, or you already have a pair that you do like!

Read on to learn more about why.

What Go 4-D Custom Orthotics Can Do For You

The first thing you need to understand is that, when we say “custom orthotics,” we’re not talking about the step-in-foam, cut-in-a-lab traditional custom orthotics that most podiatry offices use.

We’ve switched over to the Go 4-D system, which truly is a quantum leap forward for orthotics technology. With high-definition digital scanning, gait plate pressure sensing, and medical grade 3-D printing, this is the most sophisticated, precise, and effective orthotics system ever devised. Truly.

Good custom orthotics do much more than cushion your feet. They are precision tools designed to fit the exact shape of your feet, providing support in exactly the right amount—in exactly the right places—to allow you to walk in a comfortable and biomechanically efficient way. The right orthotics can reduce pressure and pain not just in the feet, but all the way up your standing skeletal structure, because they put your entire body back into proper alignment.

And thanks to Go 4-D technology, we now have exponentially more data about the shape and movement of your feet and ankles than ever before, including a view of exactly how weight gets distributed at every part of the gait cycle.

And on top of that, 3D printing allows your orthotics to be built truly from the ground up, rather than by cutting and shaping solid materials. This allows a virtually perfect fit, in a device that’s lighter, thinner, and more lightweight than ever before.

If you gave up on your old pair of orthotics because they were too clunky, too uncomfortable, or didn’t fit your shoes, please give Go 4-D a try. The success rates are off the charts compared to older technology, and we’ve converted a lot of skeptics into believers.

Already Have a Pair? Get Another!

What’s better than one pair of exceptional custom orthotics? Two pairs, obviously!

You might think that having more than one pair of custom orthotics would be an unnecessary splurge, but actually there are several good reasons why you should consider it.

  • Your orthotics will last longer. Spreading the daily wear and tear across multiple pairs of orthotics instead of just one will extend the useful lifespan of each pair.
  • They’re more convenient. It doesn’t seem like swapping orthotics from one pair of shoes to another would be that big of a deal, but it really does get old fast. More pairs of orthotics means less time wasted swapping inserts from shoe to shoe—just throw on your shoes and go!
  • You can get orthotics for specific shoes or activities to fit your lifestyle. In addition to orthotics for “everyday” shoes, you can get your Go 4-D orthotics specially made for more specific footwear needs. For example, you could get a second pair that’s slightly narrower specifically for your dress shoes, or orthotics for specific sports that you play.
  • Backups are never a bad idea. Go 4-D orthotics are highly durable, but they don’t last forever, either. If they don’t get lost or eaten by the dog, they’ll eventually wear down due to years of wear and tear. An extra pair or two means you can continue to enjoy the comfort of your orthotics in the short term while you wait for the next pair to be made.

Oh, there’s one more big reason: deals, discounts, and insurance benefits could play a role in making that second pair more affordable than you realize!

At Lakes Foot & Ankle, we offer a 30% discount on second pairs of Go 4-D orthotics. And it’s super convenient for you, since we already have your measurements on file—we simply have the lab print you a new set.

Add in whatever your insurance might cover—especially if you have dollars to spend in an FSA, HSA, or if you’ve already met your yearly deductible—and a second set of orthotics starts to look like a no-brainer, considering the years of improved health and comfort they would be expected to provide for you!

Put Your Best Foot Forward in 2021

Nothing makes us happier than helping our patients overcome long-standing pain and go back to active, happy, healthy lives. Go 4-D is one way of doing this that we’re especially excited about, but it’s far from the only technique at our disposal.

Whatever foot or ankle problem may be bothering you and causing you to avoid activities you used to enjoy, give us a call so we can help you get back to where you want to be—for your family, and for yourself. There’s no gift like the gift of health.

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